• I go by the game tage SapperSure841 and i made a Halo type story called HALO 2563 THE COMING OF THE ZENTAIRIANS.  it take place as it states in the year 2563 and an contact with a new race called the ZENTAIRIANS and their sister race the ZARIANS.  I already completed part one and in a few months time part two will be done.  But i have noway of getting the story out there so people who like Halo could read it.  or see if they like the ideal.  at times i'm playing halo games or is playing some other xbox games.  if you came telling how to get this story out please sent your email to or if you see me playing anying of the Halo games and give me a called.  yours SapperSure841 hope to hear from you until them good gameing.

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