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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Edit

Main article: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
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Halo 4 Edit

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Infinity Edit

  • "We should get eyes out there looking for the others."
  • "Palmer, get your folks inside!"
  • "Afraid we're gonna have to give you an IOU on that welcome home party."
  • "Tom Lasky, First Officer of the Infinity. Never though I'd see you again."
  • "Infinity, this is Commander Lasky. Pelican recon teams are down. Repeat. All birds are down. We've got numerous causalities and require immediate assistance. Over."
  • "Affirmative, sir. But we're gonna need a bus out of here."
  • "The Captain thought Infinity could provide us cover and hold off the attack at the same time."
  • "I don't know if it's too soon to ask you for a favor but we're going to run out of breathing room here real quick. I don't suppose you're any good at clearing LZs?"
  • "Chief, it's Lasky. We're getting reports of friendlies pinned down near your position. Can you assist?
  • "Roger that Cortana. I'll get you the coordinates for the-"
  • "Chief, I'm redirecting the Spartan-IVs to rally point Alpha Sierra Foxtrot. Until we catch up, you have tactical command of the forward assault force! Rendezvous with those men and take back that ship!"
  • "Good luck Chief. Lasky out."
  • "117, Lasky. We're touching down just north of your position. Proceed to starboard hangar 2-19, and we'll link up with you there."
  • "Roger, Cortana. We'll find a way inside and free up one of the mooring platforms. XO out."
  • "Secure the bay and I'll release the lockdown into the ship."
  • "Chief, it's Lasky Come in!"
  • "We've identified several Covenant jamming devices on the outer hull."
  • "Exactly what we were thinking. Neutralize them so we can get our guns back online and show that satellite we're more than just a big paperweight."
  • "Infinity's mission has been to locate the remaining Halo rings, and establish permanent bases to study them for decommission. We've got locations up-and-running around Installations 5 and 3, but lately they've run into some setbacks."

Reclaimer Edit

  • "Chief. Unfortunately for us, we've got to manually bring down a couple of the particle cannons before we can get to the command post."
  • "OK, Gypsy, time to work for it. Let's shake some dirt."
  • "Infinity! Pelicans down!"
  • "All teams we've got Covenant squads, digging in on the ridgeline. Weapons free, people."
  • "All right, Chief, Mammoth's just about in range."
  • "Eyes up, Gypsy! Dropships on approach."
  • "Target acquired."
  • "Railgun reloading."
  • "All right, Master Chief. We're clear. Mini-MAC's at your disposal. Take out that particle cannon."
  • "Target suppressed. Nicely done, Chief."
  • "Lasky to Infinity, first contact cleared but no joy on additional targets. Gypsy moving on to securing battle position, but we're requesting evac for casualties."
  • "Mammoth holding position. Whenever you're ready to proceed, Chief."
  • "Gypsy Company, moving out."
  • "Shot's good."
  • "All units! Unidentified Covenant vehicle incoming!"
  • "Mammoth's hit! Forward traction offline! Primary power controls offline!"
  • "Thanks, Chief. It was getting a bit dicey there for a minute."
  • "All hands, form up on us."
  • "Mammoth's in pretty bad shape, sir. She'll make it to the objectives as long as nobody starts throwing rocks at us."
  • "Roger that, sir. Gypsy, let's move."
  • "OK folks, terrain's too rough around these tributaries. Assault force, back on the Mammoth. Anyone not on board is getting left behind. Alright, sealing her up. Mammoth is mobile."
  • "117, Lasky."
  • "We've got significant blockage up ahead. Think this is about it for the Mammoth."
  • "Lasky, out."
  • "Sir… what if he is right?
  • "Captain…"
  • "Captain!"

Shutdown Edit

  • "So what's your plan?"
  • "You know, I was sent down here with orders to prevent you from leaving. In case you had already gone, I took the precaution of ordering a Pelican outfitted for full combat pursuit."
  • "I hope to God you're wrong about that Forerunner or whatever he is, Chief. But in the event you're not..."
  • "... And Chief? Good luck. Both of you."

Midnight Edit

  • "Chief, it's Lasky. Is that you?"
  • "FLEETCOM didn't take too kindly to his abandoning you on Requiem. I'm afraid I'll have to do."
  • "Let's see if we can grease the wheels for you. All ships, prepare to engage!"
  • "Chief, the Battlegroup's moving forward to engage, but at the rate the Didact's ship is advancing, he'll reach the wire in T-minus two minutes."
  • "Copy that, Chief."
  • "Infinity to FLEETCOM! Battlegroup has reached Didact's ship."
  • "We could try punching a hole in that hull plating, but Infinity won't be able to get a clear shot with all that flak."
  • "Whatever you're doing's working! Clear up the approach and Infinity could drop in to punch a hole for you."
  • "Copy, Cortana. Weapons, prepare firing solution! We promised to get John inside that ship, and I am not about to let that man down!"
  • "Roger that, Chief. You might want to back up a little. Main battery, fire!"
  • "Acknowledged. We'll be on station if you need us. Make sure you give the Didact our regards. Infinity out."

Epilogue Edit

  • "Mind if I join you?"
  • "At ease, Chief. It feels kind of odd for you to call me Sir."
  • "Beautiful, isn't she? I don't get to see her often enough. I grew up on New Harmony. Attended Corbulo Military Academy. Never saw Earth in person until I was an adult, but… I still think of her as home."
  • "You don't talk much, do you?"
  • "Chief, I won't pretend to know how you feel. I've lost people I care about, but… never anything like you're going through."
  • "You say that like soldiers and humanity are two different things. Soldiers aren't machines. We're just people."
  • "I'll let you have the deck to yourself."

Halo 4: Spartan Ops Edit

Main article: Spartan Ops
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