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The Office of Naval Intelligence is the ninth track from the first CD included in the Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack.[1] It contains the tracks "A Heavy Toll", "Strong Medicine", "Uphill, Both Ways", "Access Denied", "Infestation", and "Clear the Air".

The song starts out much like Roll Call/Duty Bound/Price Paid from the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack, but more urgent, as if enemies are nearby. Around 1:10, the song changes to slow strings. At 2:33, action reenters the song again, in an original combination of drums, cymbals, and bass. At 4:12 we are treated to a section of the song that sounds unnervingly like the beginning of Gravemind from the Halo 3 soundtrack. This goes on until 6:17, where we only hear an eerie synthesized rattling noise over a looping, fluctuating "whorl" sound. At 7:17, a much lighter tribal beat takes over; this continues until the end of the song, where it fades out.

Suite ChaptersEdit

  • A Heavy Toll 1:04
  • Strong Medicine 1:27
  • Uphill, Both Ways 1:36
  • Infestation 1:02
  • Clear the Air 1:31


  • The song used in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer was a remix of Uphill Both Ways.[2]