“Aya, a Promethean interrupts our solitude, claiming to be the Ur-Didact! Is it truly you, my old nemesis?”
— The Confirmer greeting the Ur-Didact as he approaches the Deep Reverence.

The Confirmer was a Forerunner Promethean who commanded the Fortress-class vessel Deep Reverence.[1]


The Confirmer served alongside the Didact during the Human-Forerunner wars, and provided his brevet mutation. He was the commander of the warship Deep Reverence, and led legions of soldiers into battle. Following the surrender of the San' Shyuum he was placed in charge of maintaining the quarantine around their homeworld. He spent the next 10,000 years serving aboard the Deep Reverence as it watched over the planet. As time went on, his ship became regarded as a memorial, and as his colleagues died over the centuries their Durances were shipped to the Reverence.

Over the centuries that followed, San'Shyuum delegates from Janjur Qom would regularly visit the Confirmer and his ship, offering gifts of fine artwork and tending the Durances in their displays. The Confirmer enjoyed their gifts and grew to think favorably of the San' Shyuum, in the process becoming inattentive and allowing the San' Shyuum to build up a cache of weaponry and ships in secret.

Description and personalityEdit

The Confirmer, like all Prometheans, was once a great and respected warrior. However, after 1,200 years of solitary guard duty, his mental and physical abilities had deteriorated considerably. He was quite out-of-shape, and wore armor that appeared to have been taken from several different sets.

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