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The Banished was a Covenant splinter faction led by the Jiralhanae Chieftain Atriox. It encompassed members of several species, including Jiralhanae, Sangheili, Unggoy, and Mgalekgolo.[1]


The Banished existed as its own organization separate from the Covenant, fighting against it before the Great Schism.[2]

At some point during or before the The Reclamation, The Banished arrived at Installation 00.[3]

In 2559,[4] the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire encountered them.[1][3]




Ground VehiclesEdit

The Banished use a variety of ground vehicles. These include the Blisterback, the Reaver, the Marauder, the Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage, the Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle and the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle.

Air VehiclesEdit

The Banished utilised the Shroud and Blisterback as well as their own variants of the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft and Type-25 Troop Carrier.




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