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The Banished was a mercenary faction that broke away from the Covenant Empire. This faction was led by the General Atriox. The logo of The Banished is called the Mark of Atriox.[2]



During the Human-Covenant war, Atriox was sent to fight in 40 man teams. In each battle, Atriox was the only survivor. Tired of seeing his compatriots die, Atriox rebelled against the Covenant. Thus The Banished was created.[3] Now, its own organization separate from the Covenant, it began fighting against it before the Great Schism.[4]

In the October of 2558,[5] The Banished arrived at Installation 00.[6] However, The Banished maintained some operations in the Orion Arm.[7] After arriving, the Banished assaulted the Henry Lamb Research Outpost and killed most who were in the base.[5]

Battling the Spirit of FireEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Installation 00

In 2559,[8][9] the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire encountered them. Atriox attacked Red Team, and allowed them to escape. James Cutter then declared war upon the Banished.[10][6] During the battle, the Banished lost the Enduring Conviction to a barrage of Sentinels. Though this loss was devastating, The Banished had discovered Installation 04C. They immediately attempted to board the new Halo,[11] though a large portion of them failed to get on thanks to the Spirit's forces.[12] The remaining Banished forces on the ring were destroyed in attempts to control the Control Room. However, this didn't stop remaining Banished forces.[13]




Ground VehiclesEdit

The Banished use a variety of ground vehicles. These include the Reaver, the Marauder, the Type-26 Wraith, the Type-25 Chopper, the Type-32 Ghost and Type-47 Scarab. The Banished also use their own variant of the Shade turret

Air VehiclesEdit

The Banished utilised the Shroud and Blisterback as well as their own variants of the Type-26 Banshee, Type-25 Spirit and Type-56 Lich.


The Banished havd control over at least one CAS-class assault carrier, the Enduring Conviction.


The Banished is predominantly composed of Jiralhanae and led by the Jiralhanae Atriox and Decimus. Unlike most Jiralhanae, Atriox does not care for the Sangheili-Jiralhanae war, viewing the feud as petty.[14] As such, he has welcomed many Sangheili into the Banished as warriors.[15] However, the Sangheili under Decimus' command are treated with resentment and often sadistically sent on suicide missions.[16] Let 'Volir and his crew have joined the Banished, as well as the Sangheili formerly under the leadership of Resa 'Azavayl. The Banished also encompassed members of several species, including Unggoy, Huragok and Mgalekgolo.

  • Atriox: Warmaster and supreme leader of the Banished.
  • Decimus: A general in the Banished and Atriox's right hand. Killed by UNSC forces on Installation 00.
  • Balkarus: A Jiralhanae Captain under the command of the Banished.
  • Teranus: A Jiralhanae Guard.
  • Let 'Volir: A Sangheili shipmaster reluctantly serving the Banished in exchange for supplies for his ship and crew.
  • Jato 'Ratum: A Sangheili who served in a mining expedition for the Banished.
  • Orda Val 'Saham: A Sangheili Guard in service to Atriox and Let 'Volir.
  • Yam-Blim: An Unggoy thrall-taskmaster under the command of Decimus. Killed by Spartan-II Alice-130 on the Ark.




  1. Given that they are said to have had a decade's worth of experience raiding "the Covenant and other targets", the Banished had to have been formed at least a decade before the events of Halo Wars 2, which take place in 2559. Hence, before 2549.


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