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Tedra Grant (SN: 95984-78393-TG)[1] is a SPARTAN-IV member of Fireteam Majestic in the Halo 4 series, Spartan Ops.[3]


Early lifeEdit

Tedra Grant grew up, and was born on the planet Arcadia, also witnessing firsthand the onslaught of the Covenant Empire. Joining the UNSC Navy at a young age, she showed impressive athletic abilities, and innate combat skills, which would lead her to field- testing early versions of the MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. Shortly after the tests, she volunteered for active duty in the program.[1]

SPARTAN careerEdit

By 2558, Grant was assigned to Fireteam Majestic and stationed onboard the UNSC Infinity just prior to the vessel's deployment to Requiem.[3] Grant participated in the opening hours of the battle, and continued to serve throughout the battle. Tedra participated in many operations during the battle including, extracting a Durance,[4] and stopping Sarah Palmer from assassinating Dr. Catherine Halsey. When Dr. Halsey was injured and taken away,[5] Tedra, Sarah Palmer and the other members of Fireteam Majestic were reassigned to free the Infinity from Requiem.[6] She and everyone else would ultimately leave the Shield World just prior to its destruction.[7]


Despite her obvious comradeship with her teammates, Grant rarely engages with DeMarco or Madsen's antics and is silently appreciative of Commander Sarah Palmer's knocking them down a few pegs. She is reserved and the least outspoken of Fireteam Majestic's members, except perhaps for Thorne.


She is childhood friends with Jordan Gaines.[8]


Grant wears the Pathfinder variant of GEN2 armor. Her weapon of choice is the DMR.


  • Grant is extremely athletic, even for a SPARTAN.[9]




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