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“This is Omega Team; this sector is clear. We're gone.”
— Omega 1

Team Omega was a splinter-group of the SPARTAN-II Red Team, consisting of six members; four men and two women.[1]


In 2531 during the Battle of Arcadia, the Red Team split up into two teams, with a three-Spartan Red Team protecting Pirth City and Team Omega patrolling the rest of Arcadia. This group re-joined Red Team leader Jerome-092, Alice-130 and Douglas-042 on a final attempt to regain control of the Arcadian city.[1]



Team Omega wearing a dropped concept of the Mark IV armor in the Halo Wars announcement trailer.

  • Five members of Team Omega appear at the end of the Halo Wars Announcement Trailer, armed with Battle Rifles and wearing dark-gray armor bearing similarity to the MJOLNIR Mark VI, an old rendition of the SPARTANs in Halo Wars.
  • Team Omega is only controllable in the Arcadia Outskirts, which is a large stretch from the original thought that the team was going to be constant.
  • All six members have reused voices of Jerome, Alice and Douglas.
  • As clones in gameplay, they only wield weapons used by Jerome, Alice and Douglas.


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