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Team King is a multiplayer variant of King of the Hill.


In order to win the match, your team must hole possession of the hill for 150 points, or seconds. The Hill does not move and all other settings are set to default.

Holding possession of a hill only requires a player standing inside it, however, contesting the hill does not earn points. A team has to defeat all opponents contesting it in order to gain points. The hill's location is shown on a beacon and as a glowing circle when close or inside it.


  • It is beneficial to have one person gaining time in the hill while the rest of the team fan out and defend the player gaining time. Clustering in the hill makes the team vulnerable to grenades and kinetic weapons.
  • If the opposing team has control of the hill it is beneficial to throw grenades in the hill walls in order to weaken opponents gaining time. Obviously this will not be as effective if the opposing team is using the tactic above.
  • Having a bubble shield for the controlling team is quite useful for taking cover and doing surprise counterattacks against the apposing team.
  • Unlike in a Lone Wolves Free-For-All King of the Hill, contesting a hill in Team King does not earn a team any points. Therefore, a good tactic is for a team to eliminate all opponents before taking control of the hill.

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