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“Tactical games for hardcore teams. Work together, or die alone.”
— In-game description for Halo 3's ranked Team Hardcore playlist

Team Hardcore is a Halo 2 and Halo 3 multiplayer gametype. It is a more aggressive/intense version of Team Slayer/Skirmish that has non-default starting weapons and motion sensor disabled.

This gametype has been replaced by MLG for the Halo 3 ranked playlists.


  • Ranked
  • Min Players: 6
  • Max Players: 8
  • Team Team Size: 3-4
  • Min Party Size: 1
  • Max Party Size: 4


These are ordered on "relevancy" or the chance a getting a certain type of gametype. such as you would have more of a chance of getting Slayer in Rumble Pit than oddball.

Example: Gametype Map

  • Pro CTF Classic 3: Beaver Creek
  • Pro Team Ball: Lockout
  • Pro Team Ball: Midship
  • Pro Team Slayer: Elongation
  • Pro Team Slayer Covenant: Warlock
  • Pro Neutral Bomb: Midship
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Beaver Creek
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Lockout
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Midship
  • Pro Neutral Bomb: Beaver Creek
  • Pro Team Snipers: Ivory Tower
  • Pro Team Snipers: Lockout
  • Pro CTF Classic 3: Backwash
  • Pro Multi-Flag CTF: Sanctuary
  • Pro Team Ball: Elongation
  • Pro Team Ball: Ivory Tower
  • Pro Team Ball: Warlock
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Elongation
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Sanctuary
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Warlock
  • Pro Team Rifles: Midship
  • Pro Team Rifles: Warlock
  • Pro Team Crazy King: Backwash

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