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This is an Unranked playlist that uses community-created gametypes. Guests are allowed and any size party may join.


  • Ranked: NO
  • Min Players: 6
  • Max Players: 8
  • Team Count: 2
  • Min Party Size: 1
  • Max Party Size: 8



Ninja Assault: Beaver Creek, Midship, Sanctuary, Warlock

Shotgun Assault: Beaver Creek, Midship, Sanctuary, Warlock

Rocket CTF: Elongation, Sanctuary

Neutral Snipers: Colossus, Foundation, Sanctuary

Shotgun CTF: Midship, Warlock

Shwatgun CTF: Beaver Creek

KOTH Snipers: Ascension, Beaver Creek, Sanctuary

KOTH Tactics: Lockout, Turf, Warlock

Pit of Joy: Foundation, Midship

Balltacular: Elongation, Foundation, Midship

Dodgeball: Backwash, Sanctuary, Warlock

Invisiball: Ascension, Ivory Tower, Lockout

Lowball: Gemini, Turf, Warlock

Brutality: Backwash, Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary, Warlock

Combo Training: Beaver Creek, Foundation, Gemini, Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary, Turf, Warlock

Laser Blasters: Backwash, Beaver Creek, Midship, Warlock

Phantom Fiesta: Foundation, Gemini, Lockout, Turf

Plasma Punchout: Elongation, Midship, Warlock

Shwatguns: Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower, Lockout, Turf

SWAT Fiesta: Ascension, Beaver Creek, Gemini, Ivory Tower

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