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Campaign QuotesEdit

  • "Good hunting boys. I'm keeping my boots on the ground." -The beginning of Uplift Reserve.
  • "Uh, Lord? I didn't train to be a pilot; tell me I don't have any more flying to do today?"
  • "So... was that a yes or a no?" -When a Drone Fighter crash-lands into the plaza, destroying the statue.
  • "Amen." -Dutch's vehicle explodes behind him.
  • "I'm outta rockets! Kill that Wraith!" -To Mickey
  • "Okay, dismount, get up to my position." -To Mickey, after destroying the Wraith mentioned above.
  • "Mickey! Over here!" -To Mickey, who dismounted his Scorpion.
  • "Aw crap! Watch the door!" -After Mickey reached his position.
  • "Those Covenant dropped in behind us, they must know this is our rally point!" -To the Marines at the Rally Point.
  • "Come on, we got weapons and ammo on the high ground. Move it! Move it!" -To Mickey
  • "Phantoms! Everyone find some cover!" -To the Marines at the Rally Point
  • "Negative, I'll draw its fire, you try and board it!" -To Mickey, who asked did they have a heavy weapon to kill the Wraith.
  • "Fire an overcharged plasma shot at it, then stick it with grenades!" -A variant of the previous quote.
  • "Kill those runners, Mickey, they're tryinl to flank us!" -To Mickey
  • "Keep it up Mickey! We almost got 'em beat!" -To Mickey
  • "That's all of 'em. Way to go Mickey! Come to my position." -To Mickey, after the battle at the Rally Point.
  • "You heard from Gunny?" -To Mickey, who reached his position as he requested.
  • "Huh, guess it's just you and me." -After Mickey's response to his previous quote.
  • "Your vote? Just got overruled." -To Mickey, as he walked into an ONI Alpha Site entrance.
  • "Hurry up!" -To Mickey, who was arming the explosives in ONI Alpha Site.
  • "That do it?" -After Mickey armed the first detonator.
  • "What about those Wraiths?" -To Mickey, who told him to arm the rest of detonators.
  • "Yeah, what gives? I thought we were supposed to protect this building?" -Reaction to the armed detonator inside the ONI building.
  • "Likewise Gunny, you need a pickup?" -To Buck, who was glad to hear from them.
  • "Can you take us there?" -To the NMPD Officer on their Pelican, after Buck's response that he and Romeo are at the Police HQ.
  • "We're losing her! Watch out!" -Referring to their Pelican that was shot down by 2 Banshees in NMPD HQ.
  • "We're down, Gunny. On a rooftop north-east of your location." -To Buck.
  • "Bird's wasted. Lost the pilot on impact. Rest of us are okay." -To Buck and Romeo, who arrived at the Pelican's crash site.
  • "Look out! Banshee!" -To the Squad (minus Dare and Rookie) and the Police officer at the crash site.
  • "We got one more Phantom, Gunny!" -To Buck.
  • "Not by air, we're not." -Referring to how they couldn't take the wounded Romeo out of the city on air, as their Pelican crashed.
  • "What's wrong with him?" -To Buck, referring to the wheezing Romeo in Kikowani Station.
  • "Better get going, Gunny. The sooner we get him out of here, the better." -To Buck, who was planning to escape the city with a Phantom.
  • "Affirmative. Romeo, let's man these turrets." -On board the stolen Phantom.
  • "Like the good book says, payback's a bitch!"
  • "I'm paraphrasin', ya heathen!"
  • "Go on in Gunny, we'll cover the door, make sure no one gets in behind you." -To Buck, who headed into a jammed door.
  • "Take out its legs, and it'll stop moving, Gunny!" -To Buck, giving him directions to destroy a Scarab.
  • "Get behind it! Shoot it in the ass!" -To Buck, referring to the Scarab.
  • "Oorah Gunny, let it burn!" -To Buck, who destroyed the Scarab.
  • "Take 'em out Gunny so we can get through." -To Buck, referring to the multiple recharge stations.
  • "I'll do it, Gunny. Move back!" -To Buck, if the player stalls.
  • "Romeo, take the one on the left." -To Romeo, who later destroyed the Wraith as Dutch told him to in Coastal Highway.
  • "That thing safe?" -Referring to Vergil, moments before escaping New Mombasa in the end of level.

Situational ResponsesEdit

  • "This is not going to plan, gorramn it!" -When an ally is killed.
  • "Man, this sucks!"-When an ally is killed.
  • "Oh God, no!" -When an ally is killed.
  • "Lord, you've got a good man knocking on your door." -When an ally is killed.
  • "Reloading." -When reloading.
  • "Cover me, reloading!" -When reloading.
  • "Changing mags." -When reloading.
  • "Swappin' mags." -When reloading.
  • "On my last mag." -Having no reserve ammo.
  • "Runnin' low." -Having no reserve ammo.
  • "Low on ammo." -Having no reserve ammo.
  • "You ungainly, floundering, monstrous bag of horse crap!" -When seeing a Mgalekgolo or a Chieftan.
  • "You great big blot on the landscape!" -When seeing a Mgalekgolo or Chieftain.
  • "You overgrown, pounderous, waste of mass, summbag, runaway, jackass!" -When seeing a Mgalekgolo or Chieftain.
  • "Roll over, Mike-Foxtrot, and get yourself foxtrotted!"
  • "Mike-Foxtrot. Is. Foxtrotted!" -After an enemy is killed.
  • "BAM!! Right in his sense of smug satisfaction!" - When getting a headshot or power weapon kill.
  • "That all you got?!"
  • "Alright!" - After a kill.
  • "GOT 'IM!!" - After a kill.
  • "I hope you bought return tickets, because otherwise you're goin' home in a cosmic ambulance!"
  • "Dear Diary, today, I taught some aliens about the relative foolishness of messin' with ODSTs!" - Firefly reference.
  • "Ooh-rah!" - After a kill or a stunt.
  • "You think you can just barge in here and bend us over these- Well that ain't gonna happen! They told me to hurt ya, but they weren't real specific as to the how! OK?!"
  • "I'm gonna make sure that when we win, everyone's gonna know what a beating we gave you!"
  • "I will rip off your arms and play bongos on your head." - A rare quote, when engaging a grunt.
  • "You guys ever seen Full Metal Jacket?" or "Hey scumbag! You seen Full Metal Jacket?"
  • "Headshot!" - When getting a headshot.
  • "Boom, headshot!" - When getting a headshot.
  • "Enjoy that extra nose hole." - When getting a headshot.
  • "Bim-bam in the brainpan." - This may be a reference to Firefly.
  • "Go arou- oh wait, you're dead." - When splattering an enemy.
  • "(Oh) Sorry, didn't see you there." - When splattering an enemy.
  • "You malodorous leadfooted nimrod!" - When killing a Jiralhanae.
  • "You're gonna wish you picked on someone your own size!" - When killing a Jiralhanae.
  • "Laser up." - When picking up a Spartan Laser.
  • "Charged and ready." - When picking up a Spartan Laser.
  • "Don't nobody cross my stream..." - This is a reference to the "Don't cross the streams" rule in Ghostbusters.
  • "If ya see red... heh... move." - When picking up a Spartan Laser.
  • "Everybody take a big step back!" - When picking up a Rocket launcher.
  • "Time for a spanking!" - When picking up a Rocket Launcher. Reference to the SPNKr text on the side of a rocket launcher.
  • "Rockets up!" - When picking up a Rocket Launcher.
  • "Backblast!" - When picking up a Rocket Launcher.
  • "Frag out!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "Here's Vera!" - When throwing a grenade, Firefly reference.
  • "Suck it!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "Play ball!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "Take it baby!" - When thowing a grenade.
  • "Here's medicine!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "What a throw!" - When Sticking an enemy with a Plasma or Spike grenade
  • "Oh you finally decided to show your face,wait that is your face right? - Rare when spotting an enemy IWHBYD skull needed

The BabysitterEdit

"That's twice- twice he had to save your dumb ass already. You could at least say 'thank you'." To O'Brien, commenting on how Cal-141 has protected him.

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