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A tattoo is a permanent design marked on skin using inked needles. Tattoos are a common style of body art used among humans.

List of TattoosEdit


Tattoos are frequently displayed with pride by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Melissa McKay wore a tattoo of a skull and the letters "ODST" on her bicep.[1] Jacob Keyes, while not an ODST, was given an ODST tattoo of the kanji symbol for either "bastard" or "bad ass," as the meaning differs depending on who is asked.[2] An Unnamed Female Corporal had the words "cut here" tattooed around her neck.


The Kelorists of Mamore mark members with a tattoo of a cross within a circle.[3]


Members of fraternities such as Sigma Chi are known to wear tattoos to signify their involvement. One such tattoo ended up blowing the cover of an ONI spook sent to test Rani Sobeck.[4]

Individual TattoosEdit

Dominique wore one such tattoo of a Besell function around his wrist.[5]


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