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Tartarus' Gavel is a unique Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer.

Operational HistoryEdit

Tartarus' Gavel was created under Tartarus's order from the Sacred Promissory. It was to be given to one of his lieutenants.[1]


Visually, Tartarus' Gavel is very similar to a regular Gravity Hammer. The biggest differences is the head, which has a special orange and black paintjob. There also appears to be a fabric wrap around most of the hand holding areas, and even on a part of the blade. Functionally, Tartarus' Gavel creates a shockwave at whatever direction the user is hitting towards.


Tartarus' Gavel is available in Warzone gamemodes. It can be acquired through REQ Packs, and is a Mythic level of rarity.

Changes from the Type-2 HammerEdit

  • Tartarus' Gavel creates a forward shockwave, giving the Hammer a longer range.
  • Increased shield strength and speed boost when weapon is being wielded. 


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