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Tank Beats Everything is an Achievement in Halo: Reach. It is obtained by finishing The Package on Legendary with the Scorpion still intact.[1]


  • One relatively easy way to get this achievement is to have two people playing The Package on Legendary. Have one drive the Scorpion, and the other run ahead and kill as many enemies as they can before dying. At this point, have them respawn on the Scorpion and simply repeat the process.
  • Note that you only need to drive the Scorpion up to the door of Sword Base, because it will not go any farther.
  • A possible solution with just one person is to have them beat the level up until the opening of Sword Base, and then simply walking back to the Scorpion and driving it through the now unoccupied level.
  • Also, there is an easter egg in which you have to press two switches and it spawns four Banshees on top of one of the buildings, which can aid in clearing the path for the Scorpion.
  • On solo campaign, a player can use a Revenant to clear all Covenant up to the gate and return to the tank when all enemies are dead.



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