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Do we want to give away the fact that 343-Guilty Spark is Chakas? Seems to be a spoiler from the end of Primordium

Roostorx 23:31, January 6, 2012 (UTC).

But the Chakas-monitor was not 343 Guilty Spark. It was stated in Halo: Primordium on 372:

"I have rarely been able to remember which of my fragmented selves has performed any particular action.

I see in your records that one of me caused you considerable difficulty-and then assisted you! How like us. But never did that monitor reveal its origins, or the motices behind its perverse behaviors"

343 Guity Spark was never Chakas, but a fragment of him/his psyche. It is absolutely false to say that 343 Guitly Spark is Chakas.

Prometheus2508 16:47, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Your are right, wrong choice of words. However, the entry still states:

"At a later date Chakas' consciousness would be transfered into a Monitor, presumably by the Forerunners, renamed 343-Guilty Spark and given charge of a Halo. A science team would then question him, a considerable time later, as to the purpose of the Forerunners, The Flood, and the Didact."

Would we want to say that a fragment of Chakas' conciousness was transferred? There is still the Chakas connection because 343-Guilty Spark is looking for Vinnevra and Riser's spirits. I think the big reveal for the book was that Chakas was associated with the monitors in any way.

Roostorx 19:25, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

In the ending of the novel Halo: Primordium, it says that an ONI Commander on a huge ship, who is human and in the present era, discovers a monitor (he believed that it was the one the Master Chief faced before???), and tries to save his data. But suddenly such "data" is saved just as it mentions:

TENTATIVE CONFIRMATION: "Partial memory store of Forerunner AI "Monitor" 343 GUILTY SPARK"

After that, oxygen levels dropped, and systems on the ship start to be affected, as it says:

SCIENCE TEAM SECOND OFFICER: “Environment is cooling.
Oxygen is dropping.”
ONI COMMANDER: “We can’t get to the bridge or to any other
deck. Hatches are in battle damage lockdown.”
SCIENCE TEAM LEADER: “But we’re not in battle!”
ONI COMMANDER: “I’m not at all sure of that. The damned 343
STRATEGY TEAM LEADER: “It’s out in space with the other
ONI COMMANDER: “But its data stream is still with us!”
STRATEGY TEAM EXEC OFFICER: “Three of us climbed down
through the maintenance shell. Other decks appear to be
conking out one by one. We can’t raise anyone on E and F, and
the engine room is a madhouse. Whole ship is—”
TECH CHIEF: “Listen to what just came through bridge comm! The
skipper’s talking to something in the AI root system.
STRATEGY TEAM LEADER: “Something that’s not the ship’s AI?”
TECH CHIEF: “Just listen!”
(Voice ID’d as 343 Guilty Spark): “Your ship’s AI is defective.”

CAPTAIN: “In what way?”

Here, the Monitor Chakas (Voice) was restored inside the ship data, but suddenly believed this:

(Voice): “Compound Information Corruption. Ship will experience
complete systems collapse and drive implosion within five
minutes. But there is a cure for that ailment.”
CAPTAIN: “What kind of cure?”
(Voice): “Much worse than the disease, you might think. I shall
have to replace all original AI functions with my own. I’ve long
wanted a chance to resume my quest. Your ship is an excellent
vehicle for that purpose. Apologies, Captain.”
(end playback)

This explains clearly that, possibly an AI will appear on a Halo game, controlling a ship and searching for Erde-Tyrene, that is, planet Earth. Also tells us that some information is mistaken within the UNSC ship crew, who believed that Chakas was 343 Guilty Spark. Halo: Primordium, indeed, was based on the story that explains how the UNSC discovers the plot on the past, about the Primordial and the Didact.

Darkkrow (talk) 13:59, October 17, 2012 (UTC)

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