Talitsa is a human colony on the third moon of Vitalyevna in the Sverdlovsk system. While it was once officially a UEG-controlled world, the planet's more remote regions are home to an advanced Rebel network.


Talitsa was colonized by the UNSC at some point prior to 2493.[1] The mountains in one of Talitsa's deserts became home to an Insurrectionist cell comprised of former UNSC techs and engineers. At some point between 2553 and 2558 the Wetwork-class of armor was tested by the Spartan-IV operatives of ONI's Delta-Six unit in eliminating both swiftly and delicately, major leaders of several uprisings, in the largest urban centers.[2]


While officialy, Talitsa was found by the UNSC and therefore within UEG territory, there was little official UNSC or UEG presence, if any. While the entirety of the population were not violent rebels, most on Talitsa are strong supporters of colonial autonomy.[3] This means they allowed for insurrectionists on the planet, who built strong networks of bases for their operations.

Physical AspectsEdit


The planet had at least one large, mountainous desert. It has at least one river that seems to have spawned from one of the mountains. The planet's deserts, as well, are home to exotic flying creatures, perhaps indicating that Talitsa was home to sentient life before humans arrived. This would make it a rare case of a planet that needed little to no terraformation to support human life, simultaneously explaining why much of the planet is harsh desert.

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  • It is likely that the original colonists of Talitsa were of Russian descent, as Talitsa is the name of several Russian communities..
  • Talitsa is the location of the map Outcast from the Castle map pack for Halo 4.
  • The Wetwork variant of the second generation of Mjolnir Armor was first field-tested in the deserts of Talitsa.


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