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A Tactical Training round (TTR) is a round used to simulate live fire.[1]


The TTR has a plastic polymer shell that helps maintain the actual characteristics of bullet flight. Inside, there is a proximity fuse that dissolves the shell when the round comes within 10 centimeters of a surface. Once dissolved, a blob of red paint splatters onto the target. The paint also hides a powerful anesthetic and immobilizes the nano-fibers woven into clothing, causing it to harden. This is used for training simulations. The target then loses the ability to move the body part that is hit, simulating a bullet wound to that area. The rounds also have a tranquilizing effect caused by the anesthetic, essentially paralyzing (or close to it) whatever body part they hit for a short time. The anesthetic in the paint can also knock someone unconscious for up to a few hours, depending on where they are shot.

The rounds are known to be used in MA5B ICWS Assault Rifles, M6 Magnum Sidearms, SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifles, and XBR55 Battle Rifles.[2] There are also TTR grenades.[3]

They were used by the Harvest Militia, ODST, and Corbulo Academy of Military Science cadets for training purposes.



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