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Lieutenant TJ Murphy is the leader of Icebreaker Squad on board the UNSC Infinity.


At some point Murphy and his team were declared MIA, presumed KIA. They were actually captured and imprisoned by the Covenant. During Crimson's escape Roland picked up their IFF tags, and sent Crimson in to rescue Icebreaker. Murphy helped hijack a Type-44 Troop Carrier and escape the prison compound.

Later, he continued to assist Fireteam Crimson throughout their missions, dropping them off on the battlefield or picking them up. When Requiem started to drift toward its sun, Murphy was sent to Fireteam Crimson's location after they got their artifact offline. He then picked them up and transported them to the Infinity. With all hands aboard, the Infinity escaped Requiem and went into an emergency slipspace jump, just as Requiem was pulled into the sun, causing the star to go supernova.