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The T261 Lucifer Arm-Mounted Gatling Gun[1] is a UNSC Gatling-style machine gun effective against enemy infantry used during the Human-Covenant war.[2]


The T261 Lucifer AMGG's only known use was during the experimental HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System project on Algolis. During the Battle of Algolis, a Marine with the call sign Ghost used the power armor in defense of the civilians and fellow Marines still on the planet. The T261 was used to take out a large number of Covenant infantry, before Ghost was overwhelmed and activated the self-destruct on the power armor, destroying the T261 and the suit killing him in the process.


  • In the Jewish and Christian religions, Lucifer, is one of the many names used to refer to the Devil, along with being the name of the angel who fell and became the Devil.
  • Lucifer is also a name for the Roman God of Light.


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