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The T'vaoan Minor, known also as the Skirmisher Minor, is a rank in the T'vaoan species of the Covenant.[1]


The T'vaoan Minor is the lowest rank of the Skirmisher, a branch of shock troops consisting of larger Kig-Yar. They are clad in full armor and strike in packs. They normally carry Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Needle Rifles and occasionally, Focus Rifles. They can sprint very quickly, evade effectively and jump several stories to reach high places or evade enemy fire.


Skirmisher can be told apart by their colour and armour. A minor's face is dark and unarmoured, and the feathers on the body are black. The minors lack a point defence shield, and have dark grey metal armour with navy highlights in some areas. The wrists and toes of the minors are armoured in light grey metal, a small piece of metal on the wrist with a small green light in the centre, and three arched pieces of metal on the toes.



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