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The T'vaoan Commando[1] is a T'vaoan rank in the Covenant, which sports green armor and a helmet. Comprised of heavily built Kig-Yar clad in heavy armor, the Skirmishers are agile combatants that strike in packs. Occasionally in combat, they will utilize Holograms of themselves in order to fool their enemies into attacking it instead of them.

Commandos mainly use Needle Rifles or Focus Rifles. They are also one of the most crafty of all enemy AI in all of the Halo games. They use their Hologram to fool you often and when they are in pairs they will coordinate the timing of their shots to prevent you from using your scope. They also use their considerable jumping ability to reach areas where they can snipe you easily, such as the top of a rock formation or even, rarely, in a tree.



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