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'Sweet Naptime is an Achievement in Halo Wars that is obtained when the player puts every colony in hibernation at the same time on The Flood and is worth 5 Gamerpoints.[1]


  • Play the mission on Easy difficulty with the Catch, Sugar Cookies, Pain Train, Bountiful Harvest and Emperor Skulls active.
  • Send a pair of Gauss Warthogs to each of the colonies and kill them to put them into hibernation.
  • Do this for each of the colonies. They respawn in 4 minutes.
  • You can choose to lock down a Cobra outside each colony to permanently weaken the Proto Gravemind and have time to build an army to defeat it.


  • The achievement may be a reference to Red vs. Blue in which Caboose has an obsession with "naptime" and sleeping in general.