Susan Bonds is a senior employee of 4orty2wo Entertainment. She is the Chief Production Officer and Executive Producer for the company.

A seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience as a producer in the entertainment and technology industries, Susan directs 42’s development and production efforts for both client and content engagements. In this role she manages 42’s project teams, and handles day-to-day client contact.

Susan started her career in engineering, first at Walt Disney as an industrial engineer and then at Lockheed as an Aircraft and Systems Engineer. She left engineering for Disney Imagineering, where as a Creative Director/Senior Show Producer she directed the design and development of major attractions, themed architecture, Internet entertainment projects, and proprietary new ride systems. While at Disney, her portfolio spanned Tokyo, California, Florida, and New York, and included attractions such as "Indiana Jones Adventure" for Disneyland and the "Mission: SPACE" for Epcot.

Susan also served as lead producer for Imagineering’s "Concept Studio," which developed cutting edge entertainment products for units across the company. In this role, Susan produced the ABC Times Square Studios Exterior in New York.

Directly prior to joining "42," Susan was Chief Design and Production Officer for Cyan Worlds, where she was responsible for producing the interactive game URU: Ages Beyond Myst and realMyst. Susan led the design, production, technology integration, marketing, publishing, music development and project management, working with Rand Miller, CEO and co-founder of Cyan.

She fulfilled the role of producer for the mini-game ilovebees, a precursor to the Halo 2 release.