All Support Upgrades

All the Support Upgrades icons.

Support Upgrades are loadout options in Halo 4. They are different from Armor Abilities in that that they are passive and cannot be exchanged for another during a life. Each one is unlocked and activated when selecting a custom loadout for the player before a match begins or during respawn time.[1]

List of Support UpgradesEdit


Ammo upgrade 2

Provides extra ammunition for loadout and Ordnance weapons.


Awareness upgrade 2

Allows the use of motion sensors while scoped.


Dexterity upgrade

Speeds up weapon reloads and weapon swapping.

Drop ReconEdit

Drop Recon upgrade

Ordnance drop locations appear on the HUD about 12 seconds before they actually drop. Unlocked by completing the Engineer Specialization.


Explosives upgrade

Alters grenade performance by increasing blast radius and decreasing grenade damage received from other players.


Gunner upgrade

Increases how long a mounted weapon can fire before overheating and increases the user's movement speed when carrying a weapon that is detached from a turret. Unlocked by completing the Pathfinder Specialization.


Nemesis upgrade

Marks the location of the enemy Spartan who last killed the user on the HUD. Unlocked by completing the Stalker Specialization.

Ordnance PriorityEdit

Ordnance priority upgrade

Decreases the number of points necessary to earn a Personal Ordnance Drop by 20%.[2]


Sensor upgrade 2

Increases the range of the motion sensor.


Stability upgrade

Steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire by decreasing the effect of flinch. Unlocked by completing the Rogue Specialization.


Stealth upgrade

Dampens the player's footsteps, makes the player harder to see on Promethean Vision, and increases assassination speed. Unlocked by completing the Wetwork Specialization.


The time it takes for the user's shield to start charging after taking damage is reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds. This Support Upgrade was added in Title Update v1.05 and, as with the other content included in the update, cannot be used in Spartan Ops.[3]


Ejects the user from a vehicle when it explodes. This Support Upgrade was added in Title Update v1.05 and, as with the other content included in the update, cannot be used in Spartan Ops.[3]




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