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... if you can't find a good way to woo someone on Sundown, there may not be any hope for you.

Sundown is a UNSC colony world, used mainly as a holiday resort.


In 2553, Edward Buck and Veronica Dare spent a week there to rekindle their relationship.[2] However, this holiday was interrupted when Jun-A266 arrived, to offer Buck a place in the SPARTAN-IV program.[3] Buck refused the offer and he and Dare continued their holiday for its remaining day.[4]

Physical AspectsEdit

The planet was tilted in such a way that made it appear perpetually like sunset, during the day, and created a consistent aurora during the night.[1]


Sundown itself was dominated mainly by ocean, with a few mountainous peaks breaking the waterline.[1] These peninsulas were connected by cable cars, to allow easier travel.[1] Most of the structures were small private villas constructed on wooden pillars, above stretches of shallow ocean.[1]


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