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The Suicide Bomber trick allows players to conceal an armed Plasma or Spike grenade in the Oracle mode and then instantly detonate it upon transforming back into the player model.

How to perform this trickEdit

This trick requires a minimum of two players with either a Plasma or Spike grenade. When Player 1 throws their grenade, Player 2 must enter edit mode as soon as the grenade sticks to them. The grenade will disappear without detonating. When Player 2 returns to player mode, the grenade will detonate instantaneously. This results in Player 2 being killed and, if close enough, Player 1 will die.

1-player guideEdit

It is possible to do this trick on your own using a Bubble Shield. Simply throw the grenade onto the bubble shield and catch it when it ricochets.. Note: This version can only be done in Halo 3.


This trick can be useful/humorous because it is impossible to tell if the player has a grenade until just before it goes off. There are however a few limitations that should be taken into account:

  • The blast may kill friendly forces if it is close enough.
  • The damage radius is severely limited beyond how the grenade is stuck to.
  • The grenade will go off at all most the same time the player transforms back into the Player model.
  • The lethality of the Spike grenade highly depends of the orientation of the grenade when it explodes. (It will only damage players directly in front of it.)