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The Strident-class heavy frigate is a frigate class employed in the Post-War UNSC Navy; utilized primarily for escort of larger capital ships and for rapid offensive engagement.[1] UNSC Infinity carries ten vessels of this class within internal docking bays.[3]

Class HistoryEdit

The Strident-class heavy frigate came into service in October 2552.[4] At least one of these vessels, UNSC Eminent Domain, assisted during the Battle of Draetheus V. It destroyed hundreds of Spirits and outmaneuvered the Covenant vessels in an attempt to deploy a unit of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers before it was heavily damaged and crashed into the surface of X50.[5]

Several Stridents of Battlegroup Dakota participated in defending Earth from the Ur-Didact.[6]

During the Second Battle of Requiem, UNSC Infinity deployed her compliment of Strident-class frigates shortly after arriving at the shield world; at least two would survive the initial phase of combat.[7]

Ships of the LineEdit


  • The Strident-class and Paris-class heavy frigates are the only design of frigate with no vehicle hangar located at the bottom of the ship. Instead it is replaced by a shuttle bay on each side of the ship.
  • This is the first class of UNSC frigate known to be equipped with energy shielding, an unprecedented augmentation to its combat effectiveness.
  • This class is 575 meters long, making it the largest known frigate class put into service within the UNSC Navy.
  • 343 Industries used a Strident-class heavy frigate to represent UNSC Forward Unto Dawn in Halo 4 instead of the original Charon-class used in Halo 3.


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