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Were you looking for the former Covenant Empire, or the group of Sangheili who split away, the Swords of Sanghelios?
H4 SO Jul'Mdama with Elites
Covenant Remnant
Political information

Type of government

Theocratic, military


Jul 'Mdama

De facto leader

Societal information

Official language

Sangheili (lingua franca)

State religious body

Worship of the Forerunners

Historical information

Formed from

Members of the former Covenant Empire unsatisfied with the outcome of the Human-Covenant war

Date of establishment


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“We fight one another now, but we should be fighting the true enemy. The Humans.”
— Jul 'Mdama

The Covenant Remnant, [note 1] is an umbrella term for members of the former Covenant Empire, who remain loyal to the hegemony's ideals in the wake of the Human-Covenant war, the Great Schism, and the disappearance of the San 'Shyuum. The de facto leader of the remnant's main body is Jul 'Mdama.[1]


After breaking away from the main body of the newly peaceful Covenant, the Covenant Remnant continued to adhere to worshipping of the Forerunners, particularly the Ur-Didact. The Covenant Remnant was founded in 2553 by Jul 'Mdama and Kaidon Panom.[2] Unbeknownst to his followers, Jul no longer had any belief in the Forerunners as gods, and really just saw their technology as a means to eradicate humanity.

Sometime in 2554 the Covenant Remnant discovered the Shield World Requiem, but they could not find a way inside and had been transmitting 'Didact' to the sphere ever since.

In the summer of 2557, Remnant forces on Requiem engaged UNSC personnel who had become stranded on the installation, defying the cease-fire between humanity and the Sangheili. The Covenant still maintained a presence on Requiem six months later, attempting to awaken the Librarian hidden in the Shield World. The Covenant would eventually vacate the planet when Jul acquired one half of the Janus Key and set the planet to collide with the sun.[3]

After the Battle of Requiem the Covenant Remnant soon interfered with diplomatic relations between the Jiralhanae, Thel 'Vadam's Sangheili, and the UNSC on the planet Ealen IV. Afterwards, they trapped the Infinity in an ambush the UNSC managed to escape the trap. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Member speciesEdit

As in the original Covenant, the Sangheili serve as the Remnant's military leadership caste. The Sangheili armor covers less of their skin than the standard Sangheili Combat Harness, leaving the arms mainly exposed, while having the legs more heavily armored. This is due to the fact that most of the armor is scavenged or non-military.[4] It is worth noting that the Sangheili have a larger head and oral structure including a more protruding mouth towards the front of their cephalic structure unlike the Sangheili seen in Halo: Reach or Halo 3 as the Elites in the two previous games have a skinnier cervical unlike the thick necks of Remnant Elites.

Ranks: Sangheili Storm, Sangheili Ranger, Sangheili Commander, Sangheili Warrior, Sangheili Zealot, and Shipmaster.

Unggoy: The Unggoy serve their traditional role as cannon fodder.

Ranks: Unggoy Storm, Unggoy Ranger, Unggoy Imperial, and Unggoy Heavy. [5]

Kig-Yar: Kig-Yar are deployed as skirmishers, light infantry and marksmen. Similar to the Unggoy, they possess a more reptilian morphology than those commonly encountered during the Human-Covenant war.[6]

Ranks: Kig-Yar Storm, Kig-Yar Sniper, Kig-Yar Ranger, and Kig-Yar Heavy.

Mgalekgolo: Mgalekgolo serve a heavy infantry role.

Catherine Elizabeth Halsey joined forces with Jul 'Mdama at the end of Spartan Ops season one for revenge against the UNSC. Jul 'Mdama saw her as important, giving her some crude medical attention after she was shot by Sarah Palmer. There is, however, no evidence that she actually subscribes to the beliefs of the Covenant Remnant, and as such she is not technically a member.

Vladimir Scruggs was a double agent for the Covenant Remnant and killed his own teammates.



  • Unlike the regular Covenant, the Remnant is not averse to using human technology. There are several examples of Remnant units, such as Parg Vol, collecting UNSC weaponry and vehicles, the use of a captured Pelican to listen in on UNSC troop movements, the theft of several UNSC nukes that then had their warheads removed and used in an attempt to destroy the UNSC Infinity.
    • This may be due to their lack of resources compared to Covenant Empire throughout the Human-Covenant War.
    • ​In gameplay, Remnant units will even operate UNSC machine gun turrets.
    • It appears they are also willing to have Humans in their ranks to achieve their goals with examples like Vladimir Scruggs and Catherine Halsey.
  • Jul 'Mdama is the only Zealot in Halo 4 that has blue armor and a holographic symbol projected from his helmet.
  • Gek 'Lhar is the only Remnant Sangheili that didn't wear his helmet in the cutscenes, even when he was hunting down Henry Glassman and SPARTAN Gabriel Thorne.
  • Each rank except Sangheili Zealots, Sangheili Warriors, and Unggoy Rangers have different color armor.



  1. In Halo 4 and its' ancillary material, this group is referred to simply as "the Covenant"; the "remnant" title is merely a descriptor to distinguish the group from the original Covenant Empire. According to an inaccurate article by the Official Xbox Magazine and perpetuated by Examiner, the Covenant forces encountered in Halo 4 are known as "The Storm". However, this happened due to a misunderstanding of the Covenant's streamlined "Storm" ranking system and the new Storm Rifle. These articles also claim that the "Storm" follow the religion of the San 'Shyuum; while they do continue to worship the Forerunners, most have forsaken the Covenant's original religion after the fall of the Prophet of Truth.



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