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Stockpile Gametype

Stockpile gameplay.

Stockpile is a gametype in Halo: Reach.


Stockpile is a team-based gametype where two teams fight for four neutral flags which appear randomly throughout the map and return them to their respective capture points, making it somewhat similar to Capture the Flag. Points are not awarded instantly when the flag carrier drops the flag on the capture points; there is a timed countdown of sixty seconds on each capture point and successfully holding the capture point as well as the flag after the countdown will award the winning team points.[1] The team that scores 10 flags first or the most flags in the 10 minute time limit wins.[2]

Team StrategyEdit

  • A good strategy is to wait until about 20 or less seconds is left in the opponents' score zone and to go inside with another team member and designate one person to remove the defenses while the other removes and throws the flag out of the score zone
  • An effective defense is to have 1 person with armor lock to stay back and protect the collected flags
  • The best way to capture flags in Sword base is take them and throw them off the ledge for a team mate below to sprint and collect


  • Almost every map is compatible with this gametype.
  • Stockpile has been labelled as the Stepson or Spiritual Successor to Capture the Flag and Territories
  • Stockpile is playable in the playlist Team Objective.


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