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Steven Scott aka Scooter is a special effects artist at Bungie Studios.


  • Halo 2: Multiplayer map pack (2005), Microsoft Game Studios
  • Halo 2 (2004), Microsoft Game Studios
  • TransFormers (2004), Atari, Inc.
  • Men in Black II: Alien Escape (2002), Infogrames, Inc.
  • Mech Commander 2 (2001), Microsoft Game Studios
  • WarHeads SE (2001), Retro64, Inc.
  • MechWarrior 4: Vengeance (2000), Microsoft Game Studios
  • Space Race (2000), Infogrames
  • GP 500 (1999), Atari Interactive, Inc.
  • Dethkarz (1998), Melbourne House
  • Mech Commander (1998), MicroProse Software, Inc.
  • Norse By Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings (1997), Interplay Entertainment Corp.
  • The Dame Was Loaded (1996), Philips Interactive Media, Inc.
  • NBA Full Court Press (1996), Microsoft Game Studios
  • Choplifter III: Rescue Survive (1994), Extreme Entertainment Group
  • Radical Rex (1994), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • True Lies (1994), Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
  • Shadowrun (1993), Data East Corporation


  • He is referenced in the Terminal announcement: "The station cafeteria is now open. Today’s specials feature Bentllama Burgers, Phlegm Brulee, and Scooter Pie."
    • Bentllama is the nickname for Bungie animator, Nathan Walpole
    • Phlegm Brulee is the nickname for storyboard artist, Lee Wilson
    • Scooter = Steven Scott[1]


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