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The Steaktacular medal is a Halo 3 and Halo: Reach online multiplayer medal.[1]



The Steaktacular medal is earned and achieved by winning an online matchmaking game with a score of 20+ points/kills more than the opposing team.

In Halo: Reach, it is awarded to the winning team of an online matchmaking game if the losing team's score is less than 60% of the winning team's score, and the score to win is at least 50.


The description, 'Luke owes you a steak dinner.', comes from a Bungie Hump Day Challenge where a fat cow was bet over a game, in which Luke Smith bet that he could beat another team, led by Frankie, by at least 20 points. Luke won 50-21.[2]


  • Steaktacular appears in the bottom row of your medal chest, next to Linktacular.
  • As this is a medal, this medal will only appear in your online medal chest, and not in the Halo 3 postgame report.
  • For Bungie Day 2011, if your team beat a Bungie team by 20 kills or more, Bungie would send each member of the winning team a 10 oz. Omaha Steakhouse steak. On the other hand, for every hour Bungie went without losing, they would eat those steaks in front of a live webcam.



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