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A Stasis Field is an artificially-induced thickening of the air, used to keep things immobilized in their present position.[1] Covenant escape pods use stasis fields to keep occupants safely restrained while the pod blows away from the parent ship at high speed.[1] Dadab once used the stasis field on a Kig-Yar escape pod to keep Lighter Than Some safely immobilized when the Huragok's buoyancy level dipped dangerously low.

Covenant Spirit dropships were also equipped with stasis fields to prevent passengers from being thrown about by the momentum of the craft, though Jiralhanae Spirits did not have this capability, instead requiring manual straps and handholds to secure passengers. This was a fact that Maccabeus deeply resented.[2]

The Minister of Fortitude also used a stasis field to keep a ball of medicinal tea floating above his lap. The stasis field he used was presumably projected from his Gravity Throne, and was smaller-scale than the other stasis fields mentioned above.[3]

The Containment Field Device also uses a type of stasis field.


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