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Stanley Stephen Huntsman worked at Bungie Studios in 2004, and helped out 4orty2wo Entertainment with ilovebees, earning himself a spot in the "Special Thanks" credits for the game.


Stanley Stephen Huntsman, a.k.a. Steve Huntsman, plays a key role in deal origination, negotiation and implementation with intimate Chinese Government & World Class relationships, background includes fifteen plus years in the entertainment industry as a deal making Agent, Head of Production & Development, film events management, and film investment. Board of Advisers, acting Host and Celebrity - Guest - Sponsor Liaison for The Method Fest Film, as well as creating & producing his own Animal Film Festival & Awards Show, proven track record as an expert deal maker, negotiator and international entrepreneur. On-going "Angel" Celebrity Liaison for multiple awards shows etc. He has traveled the world since youth as a JR. Ambassador with the USA World Athletic Teams. Complete Filmmaker and Actor, Steve brings quantified unique assets day in and out. Diploma in Complete Film-making & Int. Entertainment Business Procedures & Distribution from the University of Southern CA and studied Intrn. Commercial Media Management & Entertainment Law in Austin, TX. Winner Volunteer of the year Award for his outstanding service performing such duties as Celebrity Guest Relations, Reception Coordinator, Crowd Control and Volunteer Captain, to name only a few.

Tact, diplomacy, speed and efficiency, resulting in a highly effective, reliable and very professional performance. VIP Celebrity guest who requires very special handling, Steve is the man. Steve can follow instructions to the "T" as well as take the lead on any occasion. His public relations skills are superior with the right combination of personality, great attitude and assertiveness. He thinks on his feet and is always a pleasure to be around. He takes his work seriously yet always has fun with it, providing an enjoyable work environment for everyone he works with. Steve is one of the Cinematheque's most valuable players. Elected Chairman for Vantone International & Vital Power Development, Asia is his part-time home while traveling the World on-going. Santa Monica, CA, Aspen, CO & Austin, TX are hometowns as well.