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A titanic battle returns.

Cragmire is a community multiplayer map in Halo: Reach and it's a remix of Spire. It was added to the matchmaking servers of Halo: Reach on launch day.

Changes from SpireEdit

  • Any form of access to the the upper spire has been blocked, including the man cannons and grav lifts.
  • A soft-kill boundary is present on the top platform of the lower spire.
  • The inside of the BFG can no longer be accessed as it is protected by a barrier.
  • Teleporters have been placed on the map in random places.
  • One plasma cannon has been added.
  • 2 gauss warthogs have been added, one for each team.
  • 2 Wraiths have been added.
  • Multiple mongooses have been added.
  • Banshees have been removed.
  • Ramps have been added near the mountain road and high trail.
  • Numerous Covenant barriers have been added.
  • The pipes above the conveyor belt are now accessible by means of a man cannon.

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