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The universe is populated with numerous intelligent species. A number of species known to Humanity are or were members or client races of the Covenant hegemony. Humanity itself remains independent in inter-species affairs.

Sentient Beings
Ur-Didact Huragok
Forerunner Huragok


ImageMissing HaloRaceFlood
Precursor Flood
HaloRacesElite HaloRaceGrunt Jm brutechieftain02 Halo Wars Prophet of Regret by ShaunAbsher HaloRaceDrone
Sangheili Unggoy Jiralhanae San 'Shyuum Yanme'e
HaloRacesJackal Kig Yar Heavy Skirmisher Major
Ruutian Ibie'shan T'vaoan


Hunterbackxc0 Reach Hunter Halo 4 Harvester 1 Halo Nightfall Lekgolo worm
Lekgolo Mgalekgolo Sbaolekgolo Thanolekgolo
Axl1 Sharquoi Transparent
Yonhet Sharquoi

There are many animals that have been mentioned in the Halo Universe. However, this list currently only features the animals created for the Halo Universe. To see all of the animals mentioned in the universe that includes real ones, see List of Animals.

Animals on Human Worlds
Animals on Covenant Worlds
Animals on Forerunner Worlds/Installations

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