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In this chapter of Spartan Ops it is recommended to use this loadout.

Primary: Suppressor or Battle rifle

Secondary: Magnum

AA: Jet pack or Promeatheon Vision

Tactical Package: Mobility or Fast Track (Requires completing Pioneer)

Support Upgrade: Stealth (Requires completing Wetwork), Ammo, or Dexterity

That's your loadout, You could just also use your loadout from Sacred in Episode 1. But this is a Legendary Guide. Do that if you're really good at Halo. You will see why as you play the chapter.

You start off at the spawn point. After you do that, go to marines on the other side of the spawnpoint of Sacred. If you look on the radar you'll see enemies. Look above and you will see Watchers. Try to get to cover ASAP until until the marines die. Stay in your cover though and try to fire at them until they are gone.

To be continued