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This article is a walkthrough for the level Land Grab, this walkthrough should be used for those who are unsure how to complete a certain level, or provide information about certain weapon caches and shortcuts.

Land grab always is easy for Normal difficulty, but that isn't it. You don't need to customize your loadouts, this is about vehicles. But if your go the pro way without the vehicles, you can use these recommended weapons if you want

  • Suppressor
  • LightRifle
  • DMR (most recommended)
  • Covenant Carbine

Here are some secondaries if you need one

  • Plasma Pistol (most recommended)
  • Magnum

If you are using the DMR, you NEED the Support Upgrade called Ammo. You are welcome to choose your favorite Tactical Package, doesn't really matter.

When you start off, you can see there are four ghost's three different warthogs and some marines. Take one ghost, then pull out and take a left. You should see an enemy Ghost and a grunt/elite on a Plasma Cannon. Take them out then exit your Ghost and enter a Wraith that should be nearby. Then you take out the first core (the one that is nearest). After that, take the next out the other two down further. There are a load of other Wraith's that you can take. Even if your Wraith still is not damaged, you should still take another one,

After that, Your objective is to clear enemies out, But you already got started off too far, your fine. Just don't go to pro. Here are some tips

  • Get a new Wraith whenever it's damaged
  • Run over elite's and  grunt's
  • When you die and re-spawn nowhere near a Wraith, take the nearest ghost and try to find another Wraith
  • Always use your rocket's/plasma mortars against enemy vehicles

Just keep fighting, as you will see some enemies on a Sand Pillar, go to the top of that Sand Pillar and take them out, then you've completed Land Grab just stay there, An marker will mark where you need to go on the pillar. Once you go there you can wander around, as the mission will end.