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An Infinity Science team issued a distress call, then went silent. There has been no contact since.

For Science is the second chapter of Spartan Ops Episode 2.[1]


Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Legendary Playthrough - Episode 2 - Chapter 207:40

Halo 4 - Spartan Ops Legendary Playthrough - Episode 2 - Chapter 2

Note: All dialogue is spoken through COM.


A Pelican approaches the site where Fireteam Crimson recovered the Requiem translocation artifact.

  • Miller: "Telemetry: online. Spartan tags: online. Comms: online. The op is live, Commander Palmer. Crimson is approaching deployment zone."
  • Palmer: "Any word from the Science Team?"
  • Miller: "Not since their distress call."


  • Palmer: "Crimson, secure the area. Miller, try to raise the geeks. If they're still alive, tell them help's on the way."
  • Miller: "Still no word from the Science Team, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Keep looking, Miller."

Markers appear on Crimson's HUDs.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, I'm painting some targets for you. Covie comm equipment. Take it out."

Crimson destroys the four targets.

  • Palmer: "Excellent work."
  • Miller: "Commander, I've got a bead on the Science Team's last location. Not seeing any movement, but there's UNSC gear nearby."
  • Palmer: "Get moving, Crimson."

A waypoint appears. Crimson approaches.

  • Palmer: "There's the UNSC gear. You're getting close."

Crimson finds an IFF tag.

  • Miller: "Nobody's here."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, collect that IFF tag and see what it recorded."

Crimson collects the IFF.

  • Dr. Taylor Pierce (distorted recording): "They're coming this way! Leave the gear and run! Run! Move!"
  • Miller: "Crimson, there's heavy enemy movement nearby. Get ready."
  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, pardon the interruption."
  • Palmer: "Go ahead, Dalton."
  • Dalton: "I've got some eggheads on the resupply channel calling for help. Transferring them over to you."
  • Rivera: "Yes, Doctor Rivera here, Infinity Science. Thank God you've arrived!"
  • Palmer: "We're not there yet."
  • Palmer: "Miller, give Crimson a lock on Doc Rivera's signal."
  • Miller: "Already painting the waypoint for them, Commander."

If the area is not yet cleared:

  • Miller: "Need to finish securing the area. I'll mark the last few hostiles."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Palmer: "Nice work."

Crimson proceeds to the waypoint and is obstructed by a shield wall.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, have a look around. The shield generator should be nearby."

A waypoint appears on the console. Crimson activates it and the shield vanishes. Several Covenant drop pods arrive and disperse reinforcements. Crimson dispatches them.

  • Palmer: "Doctor Rivera? Status?"
  • Rivera: "We're holed up. Turned some of their own shields against them. But I can't imagine we're safe for too long."
  • Palmer: "Get moving, Crimson."

A drop pod deploys more Covenant. Crimson kills them and proceeds to the waypoint.

  • Rivera: "I see Spartans!"
  • Palmer: "Stay put, Doctor. Let the professionals clear the area."

A drop pod deposits several Sangheili. A Phantom follows and drops a force of Unggoy, Kig-Yar and Sangheili.

Crimson kills most of them.

  • Palmer: "Miller, light up the last few targets."

Crimson kills the remaining Covenant.

  • Miller: "That's the last of them, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Nice work, Crimson. Doctor Rivera, you can take the shields down now."


Level ends.


  1. Halo Waypoint - Spartan Ops

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