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Soccer is a gametype in Halo 3 that can be played only on maps that have the soccer ball Forge item. Two opposing teams gather on a map with all the Forgeable items removed and two nets, created from fence, at opposing ends. All players are invincible and spawn with a Gravity Hammer. They spawn on their respective sides and the Soccer Ball spawns in the middle. The game lasts 20 minutes and whoever has the most goals at the end wins. The ball must be moved to the other end and put in the opposing teams goal to score. Players can try kicking it down but the Gravity Hammer is preferred due to its power.


  • Teams should be comprised of 4-6 players.
  • Each team should have a Goalkeeper, a voluntary one is well-advised.
  • Foundry is a great place for this gametype due to its symmetrical shape and indoor facility.
  • To prevent dispute, one or two neutral players could join and act as a Referee to the game.
  • To make things interesting, take off Invincibility and make players normal or give them Overshields and have Fusion Cores spawn over the playing field at random during the course of the game.
  • Man Cannons are to be placed and located in the corners to initiate corner kicks.

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