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Smoke-producing flares are used for a variety and diversity of reasons by the UNSC. Different reasons appear to have different colors of smoke attached to them.

  • Signal Flare: "Smokers" are used to alert allies of a friendly position. They utilize thick, green or white smoke.
  • Smoke Canister: These are used to signal for pickup after a mission, or a request for an equipment drop, or even a need for emergency evacuation. They create thick, blue or red smoke. These are also referred to as "smoke" grenades.

In-game ApperancesEdit

  • In the level Winter Contingency, a Signal Flare is thrown at a group of Covenant by Jorge-052.
  • In the cutscene following the level Exodus, Noble Six used a Smoke Canister to signal for evacuation.
  • After the Halo: Reach level New Alexandria, Noble Team uses a Smoke Canister to signal for evacuation from the Olympic Tower.

List of appearancesEdit

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