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The Slipbeacon is a method of supposedly faster-than-light interstellar communication via Slipstream Space used by the UNSC. Compact enough to be mounted on a starship, the Slipbeacon is known to be used in distress situations. Beside messages carried by starships in shipboard memory[1] or Slipspace COM launchers,[2] it is the one of the few methods of faster-than-light communication known to the UNSC, though its exact nature or function is unclear.

A distress Slipbeacon to FLEETCOM was raised by Team Black shortly after their ship crash-landed on an unnamed Moon.[3]

When the rear half of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn was left stranded in space after the Battle of Installation 00 with John-117 and Cortana on board, Cortana mentioned that she would "drop a beacon" in the hopes of attracting a rescue party. Given the circumstances, this may well be referring to a Slipbeacon.[4]


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