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The AV-19 SkyHawk[1] is a UNSC strike fighter.[2]

Class History Edit

Several of these craft were based at Fairchild Field on Reach, and one was dispatched by Colonel James Ackerson to attack John-117 and Cortana during their test of the MJOLNIR Mark V armor and its new shield technology in 2552. Despite all expectations, the Spartan-II and Cortana managed to endure its cannons' strafing run and avoid its guided anti-tank missiles by simply deflecting it at the last moment, proving the Spartan-AI team far more successful than ever expected.[2]

These aircraft are capable of supersonic flight, and can execute quick turns at maximum speed. It is believed that Skyhawk Fighter is used specifically by the UNSC Air Force.

Design Edit

The SkyHawk Jumpjet is equipped with four 50mm cannons as well as Scorpion Anti-Tank missiles.[2]


  • It has only been referenced in the Halo: The Fall of Reach novel and Halo: The Fall of Reach (comic series), and does not appear in any other games or novels.
  • It shares its name with a real life fighter jet, named the A-4 Skyhawk, and may be its spiritual successor, since both have a similar role in their respective military.
  • Its name, like several other UNSC vehicle and craft, is that of an animal.
  • Its name suggests some kind of connection to the Sparrowhawk Attack VTOL aircraft.


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