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Skulls in Halo: Spartan Assault make missions more difficult but provide a boost to XP earned at the end of the mission. Like in Halo: Reach and Halo 4, all skulls are all unlocked and can be used from the start.

List of SkullsEdit

Up to two skulls can be active during a mission. Activating a second skull provides +1 to the XP multiplier on top of the skulls' combined multipliers up to a maximum of ×4.5. For example, the Blind and Thunderstorm skulls together amount to a ×3.0 multiplier.

Skull Name Short Description XP Multiplier
Hollow The Spartan only has a shield. +2
Pacifist Shields and armour deplete while firing weapons. +2
Famine Dropped weapons have much less ammo. +0.5
Black Eye Shields only recharge from melee attacking enemies. +1.5
Thunderstorm Enemies have more health. +1
Blind The HUD is hidden. +1