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The Skirmish at Capella was an engagement during the Insurrection which took place in the Alpha Aurigae System, also known as Capella.[1] It was fought between the UNSC destroyer UNSC Gorgon, commanded by Captain Preston Cole, and unknown Insurrectionist forces. The skirmish came after a period of relative calm, frustrating some who had begun to believe that the Insurrection was drawing to a close.

The final outcome of the skirmish is unknown, however it is presumed to be a UNSC victory. Cole referred to the skirmish as "too damned expensive," as it cost the lives of 32 of the Gorgon's crew. The Gorgon needed to be laid up in space dock for a month to repair the damage sustained in the skirmish, during which time her crew was granted a month of leave.


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