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A skein is a large collection of clans in the Jiralhanae pack system. The clans are united based on their similar cultures, which can differ significantly from other skeins, including their philosophical and religious attitudes. Each Skein is led by a Chieftain and his tribe, with other tribal Chieftains pledging their allegiance to the leader.

Known skeins Edit

There are two main skeins in Jiralhanae society, and have existed in that state for centuries, though there are more minor groupings. The Vheiloth and Rh'tol remained fierce rivals even into the 26th century, with incidents of violence breaking out among merged packs created by the military with little regard for cultural difference.

  • The Vheiloth are typically for their sophisticated philosophical views and are devoutly religious. Parabum was one such Chieftain in this skein.
  • The Rh'tol on the other hand have little care for metaphysics and have been known to feign belief in the Covenant religion for the sake of promotion. Tartarus was a member of the Rh'tol skein, and became its leader during the Human-Covenant War.

Trivia Edit

While the Rh'tol and Vheiloth are known for their particular religious differences, the two groups working together on the Valorous Salvation had a reversed system of beliefs, with Ceretus and Maladus being the more religious and Parabum being the more practical.

Sources Edit

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