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Single Bomb Assault is essentially the same as Multi-Bomb except that only one team possesses the bomb, so therefore everyone on a team is on offence or everyone is on defense. There are four rounds, so two chances for each team to score. This game mode often proves pretty challenging to score since the entire opposing team is on defense, especially on Coagulation. The most effective strategy for this game is to attack in groups. Often a team will initially rush the opponents’ base and everyone will die one by one. Then as the players respawn back at their own base, each will take off across the map after the bomb. Again, the defense will mow down the oncoming offensive players one by one. If a team is coordinated enough players will wait after they respawn in order for their teammates to join them and then go on to attack in groups. This game type will most often be found in Team Skirmish on maps such as Burial Mounds and Zanzibar and in Big Team Battle on Containment, Zanzibar, and Headlong. This game variant is also in Halo 3 with the same rules.

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