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Simon Brown is the boyfriend of Bonita Morelli a UNSC civilian.[1]


Bonita is married to Jason Morelli, a sailor in the ONI Signal Corps, but she has been having an affair with Simon Brown during her husband's long absence.

Excerpt of Reflected.wavEdit

Listen to reflected.wav here. Reflected.wav was a short file excerpt where Durga reported to Jersey Morelli that his mother was having an affair:

  • Durga: ...Absent from home and current tour of duty 513 days. Mother, BONITA, 41, waitress. Covertly seeing a man named Simon Brown, every other Thursday at the Waterfront Hotel..."
  • Jersey: Son of a BITCH!
  • Durga: Last meal together at the hotel restaurant: farmed tuna salad for her. 'Meat of the Day' and red sauce for him. Tipped eight percent of the bill...
  • Jersey: Alright stop, stop, Jesus stop already! Dammit Mom!

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