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The Siege Bike is a UNSC rapid assault vehicle manufactured by ONI REAP-X. It currently does not appear in any books or games, only being made by Mega Bloks, but is confirmed to be canon.[1]


The Siege Bike is designed as the counterpart to Covenant single-manned rapid assault vehicles, like the Ghost or Brute Chopper. Positioned on a heavy-grade, all-terrain single traction tread, the Siege Bike can easily traverse challenging environments, reaching speeds of over 145kph (90 mph) while maintaining incredible control and field dexterity. The forward-facing armor plate protects the operator while displaying Intel for tactical information, as well as firing system controls.

The Siege Bike’s armament is a side-mounted heavy machine gun (M268 HMG) with spectrum-enhanced visual tracking functionality, designed specifically to target well-fortified enemy strongholds and barricades. The goal of the UNSC Siege Bike is simple yet brutal: through the deployment of multiple, heavily armed and swift Siege Bikes, offensive assaults can form an unstoppable wall of firepower, quickly tearing through enemy defenses.


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