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Cc bay3

A Shuttle bay with a Spirit docked to one side.

The Shuttle Bay is an area of a Covenant starship, which allows or disallows Fighters, Bombers, Dropships and other spacecraft to enter or exit the ship.


The Shuttle bay of most ships, are large, with enough space to park two DX-class Spirit Dropship, two Seraph-class Starfighters, or eight Type-26 "Banshee" Ground Support Aircraft.

The Shuttle bay also has a 'Door', a force field that allows or disallows aircraft to enter, and also pressure shields. There are at least four Shuttle bays on a CCS-class battlecruiser. Larger vessels, such as assault carriers, possibly have 2 to 3 times that number of shuttle bays.

On the Covenant corvette Ardent Prayer, the bay seemed different, with the shields remaining in place, but able to allow ships through both ways after some adjusting.

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