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A shredder round is a type of United Nations Space Command projectile rifle ammunition that is designed to splinter on impact, tearing through light armor and "shredding" targets into ribbons. They are usually fired from assault rifles as a replacement for armor piercing rounds. However, shredder rounds have a severe lack of penetration power and they are all but useless against Covenant personal shields. They are most often used against massed enemies with light armour such as grunts.


In the Lambda Serpentis system in 2535, the SPARTAN-IIs of Blue Team switched to using shredder rounds after exhausting all of their AP rounds when gunning down a horde of Unggoy.[1]

Another instance is when Blue Team was at Côte d'Azur, engaging a pair of Hunters in a museum. The SPARTAN-IIs discovered that the AP rounds were ineffective against the Hunters' armor and resorted to using shredder rounds. The SPARTAN-IIs fired at the marble floor beneath the Hunters using shredder rounds.[2]

The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon can also be equipped with a round that acts similar to a shredder round. UNSC Pillar of Autumn was the only known UNSC ship to be armed with this type of ammunition of MAC weaponry.[3]


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